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So....What's the big deal about charter?
I can take the airlines and get to where I'm going the same day.

Well, that's right. But, let's take a closer look. How long does it take you to get to the airport that serves the airlines. When you charter, you can depart from thousands of community airports not served by the airlines, probably right near your location. And, your arrival is usually to an airport much more convenient to your destination than a major airline airport. How about parking? Most airports that serve charter flyers will have parking a few feet from where you will board your plane.. and it's almost always free.

Drive up along side of your aircraft for convenient baggage drop off. Both going and coming. We have someone there to unload your baggage and stow it carefully on the plane.  Lost luggage is a thing of the past. 
Security?  Moments instead of hours. Your bags stay with you, and you know everyone on board.  There are NO strangers on this flight.  Scheduling? Tell us when you want to leave and we'll be waiting.  You spend a few minutes at the airport. So, instead of getting where you are going on the same day, you could get there and be back home for dinner.

But the airlines are cheaper.

Yes, they sometimes are. But are we considering the lost time, extra hotels, meals, transportation and time spent away from whatever is most important to you.  And, getting the right aircraft for the number of passengers and the mission, can often make travel for a small group, more cost effective than alternate travel options. 
Depart and arrive on your schedule.  No lines and waiting, no long security stops. Leave from closer to where you are, and land closer to where you are going.  Get to your destination refreshed and ready for the day.  And Best Air International makes sure that you are given the Best level of service, comfort and convenience from the first phone call till your travel is complete. 

International flights will be easier and quicker than you have ever experienced. There is a good reason why nearly two thirds of the Fortune 500 companies use private air transportation for their business.  Because it saves time, it saves money, it boosts efficiency and just makes sense.

Think charter... It's smarter!
Best Air International puts your safety first. Our network of providers are highly experienced in providing the safest air travel that is certificated by the US Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Transportation Security Administration. Fully insured and accredited operators with the Best industry record is all we will arrange for your travel. *

State of the art aircraft and continually trained pilots are our requirement.  Top quality service and a comfortable journey are the finishing touches we add to your trip.  Let Best Air International get you there in the style, comfort, security and safety you deserve.  
Toll Free US/Canada :  1 844 359-2378 / 1(844) FLY BEST

International: 011 (772) 210-7000


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